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MyAccounts Online Overview

Online Accounting Software Can Boost Your Business

Our online accounting software is a new breed of accounting software that is designed to move your entire accounting online. It is a hosted online accounting package that has been designed by accountants and IT specialists with your needs in mind.
Among its many benefits over traditional accounting software, our online accounting software gives you:
Simultaneous real time access to accounting information and business documents
Productive collaboration online, any time and anywhere

Key features

Our online accounting software provides rich functionality at a competitive cost. It is a full-feature accounting package, with unparalleled business analysis and reporting functions.

Key features include:

  • Analytics facility, featuring both financial and non-financial statistics
  • A multi-jurisdiction, multi-currency platform
  • Executive dashboards and ad-hoc report builders
  • Vertical reporting capability through statistical implementation
  • An online admin layer for practices and franchisors

Ease of use

Our online accounting software is flexible and extremely easy to use, with a system GUI that has Windows-like usability and familiarity. Even if users are unfamiliar with accounting concepts, this helps to minimise the training required and ensure that users are up and running quickly.
All that is needed is an Internet-enabled PC, preferably with a broadband connection, with no need to install or maintain software or servers.

The technology - how it works

Our online accounting software is powered by industrial-strength Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database technology. All reports are developed using Microsoft Reporting Services which allows powerful interactive reports with the ability to tailor to specific industries.
The system front-end is built from a combination of Active Server Pages (ASP) and JavaScript, and has been coded for optimal maintainability and for zero defects.
The application is run from a standard web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer). This facilitates access to the system from anywhere in the world using any device that supports a browser. There is no need to install or download any client-side components.
Using XML technology and standards, all modules support open connectivity to other existing systems (e.g. Payroll or EPOS systems).

Software as a Service

With our online accounting software you gain all the benefits of a Software as a Service (SaaS) approach:

  • No software licences to buy
  • Automatic backups
  • A highly secure and reliable service
  • A scalable solution
  • No multiple versions of software
  • No in-house IT support required or servers to maintain

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